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Introducing Homeschool P.E.  Give your homeschooler the gift of a well-rounded education that includes not just academics, but healthy socialization, mindset, and competition too!  We will be providing two locations on separate days every week in the Fall of 2024.  Sign Up Now, space as you all well know is very limited.



Homeschool P.E.:
More Than Just Exercise

Are you trying to help your homeschooled child get more exercise, make new friends, and develop a healthy mindset?
Homeschool P.E. is the answer!

Our program is designed to provide homeschooled youth with a fun, healthy outlet for their bodies, as well as opportunities for healthy socialization, mindset, and healthy competition.
With Homeschool P.E., your child will:

* Learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation
* Develop a positive body image
* Improve their physical fitness
* Make new friends
* Have fun!
We offer a variety of activities to keep your child engaged, including:
* Team sports
* Individual sports
* Fitness games
* Outdoor activities
* And more!

We offer classes for all ages and abilities, so your child is sure to find a class that's right for them.
Don't wait any longer to give your child the gift of Homeschool P.E. today 

Welcome to the Visionhacker Homeschool P.E. Portal

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I am interested in being a coach, or an assistant coach.

Thanks for submitting!

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